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Mahela Jayawardene is a excellent batsman and comes across as a careful, smart cricketer in most of his community cricket pronouncements. It was with some shock therefore that I study his content today justifying Sri Lanka’s choice to contact off the pursuit in their last Analyze against Pakistan, thus generating themselves a 1-0 win, but producing significant fear among many cricket lovers. (The respond to this choice is identical, in some regards, to that produced by India’s contacting off a pursuit against the Western Indies in Dominica last season. There are some exciting variations as well: Indian were enjoying away against a poor group, Sri Lanka were enjoying at house against a sluggish group as well, but one always able of excitement.)

Jayawardene provides some latest cricket news of cricketing factors for this decision:

"We did not move the hit because Pakistan bowled really well. When they set adverse areas, we made the decision not to danger it either. They were 0-1 down and everything to perform for. If we had required around 90 operates at just under six an over, we would have publicized Thisara Perera. When you are up against a excellent go-karting assault like Pakistan's, if you provide them with a smell, they could run through the hitting. We had to make sure we cut out needless threats, because we performed near to 15 times of difficult Analyze cricket."

And then goes on to say:

"I don't want to dispute with chair experts who give their opinions on what we should or shouldn't have done. I had to determine for large numbers in Sri Lanka who haven't knowledgeable a Analyze sequence win for nearly three decades. When I took over as leader, my job was to get the send returning to normal. Gradually, we are successful suits, performing our activity programs and a youthful group is getting higher liability. I didn't want to shake that because of what a few individuals want me to do. Obviously, sensation became popular. I didn't want to jeopardise the effort put in by this collection for an some time to a 50 percent of Twenty20 cricket."

This is particularly inquisitive. For one factor, Jayawardene is disagreeing with chair experts and spending the false impression that what issues is who creates the evaluate, not the material of it. Secondly, Jayawardene seems to suppose enjoying fighting Analyze cricket is Twenty20 cricket. This formula of Analyze cricket with T20 is perhaps the oddest aspect of the statements that Jayawardene creates (I’m making aside for when, the concern of how Mahela has realized out that Sri Lankans might not have been more enthusiastic about an exciting pursuit that led an emphatic 2-0 sequence win than this stodgy, safety-first strategy.)

The concept that enjoying fighting Analyze cricket is just like tossing warning to the gusts of wind, to hitting in T20 design, to going for the walls all enough time (or whatever your perception of T20 volumes to) is a false impression of the fighting edition of Analyze cricket, and it excitement me to listen to Mahela create this declare. Fast men and women anyone? The terminology of ‘armchair experts who want me to perform T20 in a Test’ indicates a lot of defensiveness, one perhaps underwritten by a coming sensation that it is the only way to rationalize the extreme warning on show in Pallekele.

But I do not want to lay all the liability at Mahela’s entrance. What about Pakistan? For what seems to have been overlooked in the busyness over Jayawardene’s choice is that Pakistan worked with with him. If a leader up 1-0 in a sequence provides to contact off the go with, which leader in his right thoughts, one who has announced to be able to try and set up a win, accepts? Why just didn't Misbah-ul-Haq, on realizing that Sri Lanka had no objective of pursuing, basically say ‘No thanks’ and audience the their batsmen with close-in fielders? Absolutely the Sri Lankans' obvious tentativeness would have performed right into the Pakistani squad's hands?

Test cricket is in problems, goes the avoid. When boat captains suppose enjoying strongly in Assessments needs them to perform T20 and when 0-1 down alternatives cannot see an starting passed to them, then perhaps one might say that it is indeed.

PCricket World Cup 2011

Quaternity geezerhood ago in the Caribbean, it was said that the ICC got the Mankind Cup it deserved. The 2007 tournament was a tumid, joint, soulless sell-out of an event, infused with a harmful combining of conflict and apathy that reversed the self-proclaimed Carnival of Cricket into a six-week result. In Accumulation in 2011, however, the ICC got the Man Cup that it necessary, and that is not the unvaried artefact whatsoever.

By the standards set in 2007, not to cite those in Southeast Africa in 2003 and England in 1999, the Cricket Worldcup 2011 contest was a resounding bluster. In fact, an impromptu summary of around 1.2 1000000000 fill might recovered cogitate that it was the unexceeded Grouping Cup of all moment. Admittedly many non-Indian observers might imply those findings had been inclined a alter, but try notification that to the jubilant people who spilled out of the Wankhede Structure and onto Metropolis's Serviceman Move on Sabbatum evening, or to anyone who mutual the scenes of mania in every street of every port, townsfolk and community of the humans's second-most populous nation.

The queer situation is, those 1.2 1000000000 people are near sure aright, but not necessarily for the reasons they might act. Of the 10 Earth Cups to know understood post since 1975, service has originate snuggled to twin the narration and episode of the tournament right realized - not flatbottom 1992, which is commonly cited as the pundits' pluck to date. The superlative success of this edition lay not in the inalterable outcome but in the journey that was required to movement that crowning bit, for the excellence of the entertainment was not just an semblance glimpse
transport the period of the ultimate in their land's see.

All of which makes Mon's mood-darkening judgement in Mumbai so unbelievably calculating to mug. The resoluteness to dance the entranceway closed on cricket's Connect nations - in component Eire, whose role in the tale was so fundamental - and revert to a ten-team formula in 2015, makes a mimicry of the bungle we bed honorable been fortunate to witnesser.

Ratnakar Shetty, the contest musician, admitted as often on the eve of the starting function, when he let slew that the group-stage removal of both India and Pakistan had torpedoed the whole circumstance in 2007. Every acquirable step was condemned to assure against a move of specified a business hardship, but when England tested the rejigged divide to its living limits by threatening a group-stage opening at the guardianship of Ireland and Bangladesh, the doubts crept in. At the minute England's struggles appeared to uphold the tweaks that had been prefabricated, but at room construction it became comprehendible that dynamic the locks alone wouldn't be sufficiency to guard against future intrusions. It was experience a simple two days after the tourney's happening suggests that there was never a determination to be reached in the forward base. It was just a weigh of announcing the fait accompli
The mind has been shocking both for its timing and its conclusiveness. A sop has been offered for 2019, but by then Colligate cricket instrument tally been adynamic for a multiplication. Regularise George Dockrell leave be in his tardive twenties and in all chance an England habitue - why would or should he squander the efflorescence of his job waiting? - patch Gospel Mooney, Kevin O'Brien and all the different heroes of Metropolis instrument score extended since old. And the fact that the ICC reached their pick a mere two life after the contest's closing suggests that there was never a decision to be reached in the freshman abode. It was just a matter of announcing the fait accompli.

The wider enterprise is the demand of enterprise. The unrestricted's initial activity has been gratifyingly raging, but if e'er there was a bully day for the ICC to inter bad broadcast, it is the Mon after Bharat hump won the Experience Cup, rightful as the IPL hype organization is start to grind into process. If sufficiency sound indignation is to be summoned to make the commission into a alteration of heart, then a sizeable magnitude of the 1.2 cardinal are leaving to mortal to speak out as rise. But with any justification, they are a bit preoccupied exercise of this article was never deliberate to be so downbeat. A extraordinary circumstance took point in Bombay on Sat, and quite justifiedly, the celebrations throughout Bharat testament resonate for weeks and months to arise. Dhoni's fatal six in the final could yet transmute the most replayed jibe in cricket's weeklong chronicle, while no one who claims to eff the gritty can support anything opposite than satisfy in the deciding enactment that Sachin Tendulkar played in his ordinal and (presumably?) departure crusade. Moreover, the best group in the contest emerged with the spoils, and piece everyone loves an teaching should obtain in the end.

But regardless of all that, the Reality Cup's notation is one that ought to solidify the slaying of all sports fans, disregarding of how often they've worshipped or loathed the movement that preceded it. The most vulgar upset - especially from those regular flyers who took move in the six-week gamey of subcontinental hopscotch - was that the circumstance was at minimal a fortnight too yearlong, tho' that emerge is one that is stipulated by the ICC's long-standing broadcasting stack with ESPN Principal Sports, and thence a ten-team all-play-all format in 2015 instrument not travel to a remarkable change of matches or days on the moving.

What it faculty trail to is the going of one of the key reasons down the success of Cricket World Cup 2011. Island's triumph over England, supercharged by O'Brien's incredible century, was a performance the same of which we may never again be advantaged to undergo - it was so unhoped, yet so purple, that when the lot had been done, and Eire truly had chased 328 to vanquish England, having at one travel been 111 for 5, it seemed churlish to demean it as an enkindle. Not level Continent in their elegance could possess won a strategy with much confidence.

The knock-on feeling was to adapt the permutations in Radical B, where Bangladesh's fluctuations created a six-way disarrange for quaternary places. Though they stale at the parthian against Southeastern Continent, their own tarradiddle was a vital subplot in itself. It started with the immature vigour they provided at the initiative observance - a thought that tends to seem laboured at sporting events where there's no Olympic flame to cater a focal mark - and continuing via the Westside Indies debacle and the ensuant stoning of the group bus, finished to their own crowning second against England. And all along the way, they - equal the musically fuelled Sri Lankans - kept tributary the thrill of packed stadiums, a cipher that had been so miserably absent throughout the early Humanity Cup.

But in the end the whole tale reverts bet to India, and quite justly so, because this was their year, and they earned it the horny way, souse up the pressures and the doubts, as source as 28 eld of Domain Cup failure. That they won the closing in such communication was magnificent, but their traveling to that Sri Lanka showdown was every bit as gripping. Along the way they faced up to apiece of their better rivals, and there was not a colorless competition among them. England battled to a tie, Southwestward Africa secured a exciting run-chase, before Country were dethroned and Pakistan denied in sequent knock-out encounters.

And then the organization that kicked off on Weekday dark was something to behold. If the firmness of recreation is to fit a functional short of conferring the sterling pleasure for the superior identify, then the 2011 Man Cup hit the marking like no new event in story. Sadly, nevertheless, there is so overmuch author to it than that. Any sports fan with a honourable capability, modify one whose every greet has been granted this chivalric week, testament think that the contest's admittedly closing was signed and sealed not in the Wankhede Structure, but in a Metropolis board-room, two life after the water circumstance.

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No Doubt, 2011 proved to be a year of swinging balls for Australia and unlimited roundabouts crossed their ways. 2012 is going to be the note of recently uncommon stability for Australians for sure. The team who swept India at Melbourne have been askesd to repeat the same thrill in Sydney and even the centuries of Tendulkar and Laxman have not have not proved well enough to deliver a victory.

Australia's captain Michael stated:

"Consistency is obviously very important for us and I've said before this series that we've played some really positive cricket at times and some cricket we'd like to forget," He further added, "I guess this is another test of our character to be able to back up after such an impressive win in Melbourne. It's important our preparation has been just as good, which is a big part for our team improving our consistency - making sure we're doing the hard work whether we have success on the field or not. I've been really happy with the way the guys have trained over the last two days so our preparation has been spot on. Now it's about the same commitment, the same determination and the same execution, we have to be able to execute our skills again like we did in Melbourne to beat this Indian team."

The role of pitches in Australia’s superb performances have been marvelous and having improved their cricket games admirably to defeat Sri Lanka on a tinder-dry Galle pitch, Australian players poorly failed in Cape Town and same performance was in New Zealand. Do keep in mind that there was not a single excuse from Clarke. He added:

"I think it's a mixture of things, I think conditions have played a big part. There's no coincidence in Cape Town, South Africa were 9 for 47 we were all out for 47, Hobart not many runs were scored from both teams, throughout the Melbourne Test we rolled India for 150-odd in the second innings. So there's been seam and swing consistently in the last half a dozen Test matches we've played - it's not an excuse but it's a reality, it's there. I think we're learning from it, I think our techniques we're working on our techniques at training, we're working on our techniques at training we're working on batting in tough conditions at training, as you guys see all the bowlers are using either brand new balls or reverse swinging balls and it's a real challenge at training. When you've played, like a lot of guys have, so much cricket over such a long period of time it's hard to change your technique, you can certainly improve little parts of it but it's hard to really change, so it's just about trying to do your best in fighting conditions I guess."

As far as Melbourne is concerned, James Pattinson, Peter Siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus developed the most strong and powerful fast bowling union in Melbourne, using intelligence and aggression in equal measure to keep the Indians uncomfortable. Indian players were highly confused and to my knowledge Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag were the primary and most important participators to India's ascent to No. 1 in the world, and have been equally important to the subsequent decline, their returns petering out in 2011.

Clark explained that:

"Hopefully they continue not scoring too many runs, they're two very good players. It's the game, your time comes around, you score runs, you don't score runs, good form, bad form it's just the game, they're two class players and we'd love for them to continue not scoring too many runs in this series, but if they do they're class players and it won't surprise anybody if they do. We have plans to every Indian batsman and we will continue to look at footage of them and improve those plans but I think we stuck to our guns well in Melbourne and that worked well for us so hopefully it won't be any different in this Test match."

Keep in touch to hear more!

Defeating someone at natural platforms is quite easier than that at home grounds because whenever you play o n your home ground, you feel more pressure form nation, crown, and your own self. Many of  the teams loose confidence and this results in their loss of match. If we lookup at previous gaming record of Bangladesh, we would come to know that their previous ODI record has improved too much. This is all due to their astonishing victories against New Zealand and England. In World Cup 2011, they won against England and moreover they steadily defeated New Zealand by 4-0. This time, Bangladesh is going to face highly superior teams against them and it’s of course not an easier task for them to defeat them. Bangladesh has faced defeats in T20 in the start of tour but they are still hoping to let Pak players down at their best.

As far as we discussion regarding Bangladesh bowling attack is concerned, their bowlers proved to be surely economical but Pakistanis batsmen gave their own bowling attack enough runs to defend on a tricky pitch in Mirpur. While chasing the score, Bangladesh lost wickets earlier and they hit their first boundary in almost 9th over and resisted too much against Pak bowlers i.e. Hafeez, Ajmal, Afridi, and Malik. Bangladesh pitches are more suitable for Pakistani fast and spin bowlers because they have proved theirselves effective in past records too.

We all know that Bangladesh is relying more on Shakib Al Hasan than any other batsman and this is all due to his superb performance in previous matches. To talk more, their Vice-captain Mahmudullah is also a key asst. This young man is an off spinner and a talented batsman who has played just few handy knocks, bowled tight spells and cleared the boundary at the death in the past. He's part of a core of senior players that includes Shakib, Mushfiqur Rahim and Tamim Iqbal, and his all-round ability is a big asset.

From Pakistani side, Shoaib Malik seems to feel some pressure because he's not been in great touch since his return to international cricket, after being cleared by the PCB's integrity committee. His previous records and scores are not in his favor too and in his last six international innings his scores were only  7, 11, 2, 0, 2* and 2.

Let us review both Team   positions with respect to players for all matches.


1.      Tamim Iqbal

2.      Imrul Kayes

3.      Shahriar Nafees

4.      Alok Kapali

5.      Shakib Al Hasan

6.      Mushfiqur Rahim (Capt & WK)

7.      Mahmudullah

8.      Naeem Islam

9.      Nasir Hossain

10. Abdur Razzak

11. Shafiul IslamRubel Hossain.


1.      Mohammad Hafeez

2.      Imran Farhat

3.      Younis Khan

4.      Asad Shafiq

5.      Umar Akmal (WK)

6.      Misbah-ul-Haq (Capt)

7.      Shahid Afridi

8.      Abdul Razzaq/Sohail Tanvir

9.      Umar Gul

10. Saeed Ajmal

11. Aziz Cheema.


1-     Mushfiqur Rahim, Bangladesh's Captain

"Pakistan are playing very consistent cricket and it'll be tough to beat them, but if are boys are up for it, we should be able to do it."

2-     Pakistan Batsman Younis Khan

"If it's a spinning wicket we have spinners, if it's not then we also have good fast bowlers."

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Cricket Updates
Cricket is the game which must be played into its limits and set conditions. ICC is the only higher authority which always lets players to present their game in handsome ways. Anyone who violates its rules and regulations is being punished in his own ways. Lots of ways are there for punishments but it depends on the nature of mistake that he/she undergoes. If we briefly talk about corruption allegations, we would come to know that it mainly started from the two key-players of Pakistan Squad i.e. Wahab Riaz and Kamran Akmal.

Youngster Muhammad Amir, M. Asif, and Salman Butt were being caught by some media in UK exchanging large amount of money from Mazhar Majeed. They were blamed to have spot-fixing in match. Spot fixing is the term which should never ever be confused because both are different. Match fixing is done for whole match but spot-fixing takes place on certain spot or event. Both M.Asif and S.Butt are liable to pass almost seven years in jail. The youngest player who was performing superbly in one day matches and was about to have player of the year award from ICC is the only M.Amir. Amir is of 19 years age only so due to his young age, he is being punished 6 months from UK government and his all appeals to court are cancelled. Amir agreed that he was being pushed by senior players too much and he was under pressure. Both Salman Butt and Amir agreed and confessed their mistakes in court of law. Amir bowled no balls and Butt played a full maid-in over. Asif also bowled no-ball as spot fixing attribute.

In final court, Mr. Justice Cooke explained about players that they all had betrayed their county and have represented their country much badly. They must show sportsman spirit and must act properly according to rules. His words were:

“The image and integrity of what was once a game, but is now a business is damaged in the eyes of all, including the many youngsters who regarded three of you as heroes and would have given their eye teeth to play at the levels and with the skill that you had,” he said.

Cooke further added that: “You, Butt, Asif and Amir have let down all your supporters and all followers of the game. These offences, regardless of pleas, are so serious that only a sentence of imprisonment will suffice to mark the nature of the crimes and to deter any other cricketer, agent or anyone else who considers corrupt activity of this kind, with its hugely detrimental impact on the lives of many who look to find good honest entertainment and good-hearted enjoyment from following an honest, albeit professional sport.”

Cooke declared Mazhar Majeed and Butt as masterminds being all this incident and he blamed former captain Butt for provoking Amir who was a fantastic player and an innocent person from reputable family background. Cooke added that this deal was not being made in Pak tour to England but it was a fixed deal which took place in Dubai between the two persons and Mazhar was highly involved in fixing in India and all other major cricket tours. Lastly, Justice concluded that “It appears that the corruption may have been more widespread than the defendants here before me, and may have permeated the team in earlier days, though I have seen no direct evidence of that,”

Play Cricket Games Online
Cricket is being played by lots of people all over the world. It is both a sport and a recreational activity. Some people play it for the purpose of exercise or habbit. Not only in outdoor but also it is being played as indoor channels. Lots of cricket games are widely available to users but let me name a two best of them.

Brian Lara Cricket 99

This awesome cricket game was released for players in 1999 and became too much famous. It was composed of ball by ball commentary of Geoffery Boycott and Jonathan Agnew. As far as teams are concerned, players are being offered with nine major teams for all game modes. Those teams are Austraila, India, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Srilanka, West Indies, and Zimbabwe. Lots of modes are there in this game like classic mathes, test matches, one day, exhibition matches, and lots more. For worldcup mode, special teams are there like Bangladesh, Scottland, Holland, Ireland, Kenya, UAE, and few others.  Knockout, tournaments, and lot more modes are also there.

Brian Lara International Cricket 2005

The most famous and lovable game among cricket games is B:C 2005. This game is being named as Ricky Ponting game. If we recall older versions of BLC, we would come to realize lots of differences. This awesome game is in real 3D animated graphics, commentary, interface and real time environments. Players fight, pass comments, play, and act like real ones. This game is available to players for both simple and DVD versions. 

Play Cricket Games Online
More Cricket Games

You can lot more play cricket games online being mentioned below.

  • Brian Lara 98
  • Brian Lara 99
  • Brian Lara 2007
  • Ashes
  • Australian Cricket Captain
  • Cricket 97
  • CWC 99
  • Graham Gooch Cricket

All of us are well aware of playing lots of games but we only play them according to set laws, rules, and regulations. I mean to say that game spirit must be shown with respect to game rules. No such activity should be done which leads the game to wrong side or poor environment. Let us discuss few points in this regard.


The two main players of both teams are captains. They must encourage the players and must avoid any mishap among players. In addition to this, they must train their players in such a way that they should follow all the rules of game being set by higher authorities.

Players’ Disciplinary Actions

If any of the players fails to follow the laws of game is being treated according to his/her mistake. If it’s the mistake of word abuse or some criticize or some harsh comment to some other player, it may be some decided punishment by higher authorities and same is the case for other mistakes. The two umpires on the crease first try to resolve the matter their-selves but if they are unable in this case, they forward the case to higher authorities. So, such issues must not arise into the game-field.

Fair Game

Playing fair and decent game is one of the key factors in game spirit and it’s the players who made it wither fair or unfair. Each player on ground must prove himself a decent citizen or representative of his country.

Umpires’ Involvement

Umpires may involve them-selves in some bad cases like:
  • ·        Bad Comments
  • ·        Time Wasting
  • ·        Poor Bowling
  • ·        Vulgar Languages
  • ·        Spot Fixing


Players need to respect their captains, other players, members, crowd, and games’ traditional values.

Lots of rules for playing cricket are there being set by concerned authorities but let me highlight few of them.

Rules for Players 

1-     Players must play in accordance to game rules i.e. batting, bowling, fielding etc.

2-     Players must follow umpires’ decisions i.e. all umpires Ist, 2nd, 3rd, and referee.

3-     All of the players must keep emotions under control i.e. they shouldn’t get hyper in any case ever.

4-     Personal feelings or abusive language needs to be avoided.

5-     Players always need to avoid unnecessary conversations among them in field i.e. batsmen, bowlers, and fielders.

6-     Respect and smiling face are the most crucial factors for cricket game.

7-     For safe game playing, play ground needs to be checked thoroughly and it must be cleaned up properly from garbage.

General Rules

1-     All of the players of both teams must be in ground before almost 50 minutes of game’s start.

2-     Warm-ups need to be performed on ground corners.

3-     All players must agree umpires’ decisions.

4-     Everyone should show game spirit.

5-     All team members must shake hands before and after game play.

6-     Both captains must shake hands after toss and end of game play.

Rules for Coaches/Higher Officials

1-     They should provide players with necessary facilities/opportunities.

2-     They should improve batting, bowling, and fielding skills of players.

3-     Players must be ordered to communicate directly to their heads.

4-     They need to encourage players to play in accordance to rules.

5-     They should behave positively with players.

6-     Hoe team must serve guest team perfectly.



I have told very few of the rules for cricket game playing for few departments. If you need more, keep visiting my website regularly.

cricket games
Yes, this is for sure true that Cricket has been the craziest game in all over the world. People of all generations or ages love playing cricket in their areas. I must say that cricket is for sure popular and famous. No doubt, it is being played and watched all over the world and was started in 16th century. Cricket was firstly being played in 1844 and very first test match was being played in 1877. England founded this superb sport. If we deeply talk about its playing factors, we would be am amazed to know that cricket is being played by the use of two main equipments i.e. ball and bat. In addition to this, we are being provided with eleven players in each team. One of the teams at one time is at bowling or fielding side and other at batting side.  The one which is at batting side tries to score as much as possible and the one who is at bowling side tries to defend their-selves or stops fast scores. The person who has bat with him is batsman and the other having bowl with him is said to be a bowler.

Let us talk a bit about some relevant factors of this sport. The most important thing which defines cricket in its own style is pitch which is approximately 22 yards in length and is comprised of two stumps on both creases. Batting team only uses 2 batsmen once and bowlers plus fielders play their role altogether. Bowling team is ought to play with all eleven players on the field. 10 of them must be on field out of which 9 would be spread all over ground and one must be in keeping behind the wickets. In addition to this, 11th player i.e. bowler plays his role successfully in bowling.

Batsman tries to hit the ball by his bat as far as he could by keeping a safe eye to his danger zones. If ball crosses the rope i.e. boundary, batting team is being awarded 4 runs and if ball crosses the rope in air, it is being awarded as a sixer to the batting team. Batsmen can go out of ground in lots of ways i.e. getting bowled, caught by the fielder, leg before wicket, and stumped by the keeper, run out etc. After end of IST innings, the other team starts batting and plays accordingly. Te team with more score and less wickets win the match. Having the more score is necessary because if your wickets are low, you can still win.  As far as modes of cricket are concerned, we have basic three modes i.e. ODI, Test, and T20 etc. Test match is a 5 day match which is comprised of four innings. Two innings per team are there and both of them strive their best to produce handsome results.   In ODI, each team plays 50 successive overs and tries her best for winning and lastly T20 is of 20 overs and is called fastest match playing.

You can also play cricket games online from your personal computer because lots of versions are there for users. Brian Lara, World Cup, and lot more relevant games are there for users available for online cricket game playing as a source of entertainment

Kumar Sangakkara scored a double century and rescued Sri Lanka for drawing the first test against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi.

More Interesting Relevant Cricket News::
- Umar Gul took four wickets by giving just 64 runs and setup a historical record for his bets bowling and his previous record was 3  wickets for 100 score that he achieved last year in November.
- Sri Lanka finally succeeded in scoring 483 runs against Pakistan in their second innings. It has been added to etheir record history against Pakistan.   
- Prasanna Jayawardene did his amazing century in the history of Sri Lanka but on the same track, he scored a duck too.
- Prasanna Jayawardene  added his first century against Pakistan successfully.
- Prasanna Jayawardene is now successful to complete one complete hundred against huge cricket stars i.e.  England, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
- Kumar Sangakkara's has proved himself as man of crisis and played match-saving double hundred is his eighth double in Tests.
- Tremendous match saving  took place in Abu Dhabi by superb 201 run partnership and this has been the top most partnership ever in Abu Dhabi and this has removed the old partnership numbers that occurred between Abraham de Villiers and Jacques Kallis against Pakistan in November last year.
- Sangakkara is now the 3rd man who posted a double hundred figure after  Abraham de Villiers and Taufeeq Umar.
- Sangakkara totally scored 620 runs and kept an awesome average of  47.69 having two centuries and two fifties in last successive 7 test matches this year of 2011.
- Sangakkara has been much lucky this year and has posted  two double centuries each against Pakistan, South Africa and Bangladesh and one double century against India and Zimbabwe.
- To track records of Sangakkara, it is clear that he has totally scored 1527 runs by keeping an average of almost 80.36 which adds six hundreds and five fifties in it and all of them are against Pakistan and old record was of Jaysuriya i.e. 1490 on constant average of 51.37.